Baths & Basins Surface Repairs

Cosmetic dents and chips to baths and basins are easy to ignore and forget, but they are essential to get fixed and treated early before water damage seeps in and further compounds the problem. Not only are they unsightly but damaged, chipped or broken baths can harbour harmful bacteria as trapped water and moisture creates the perfect environment for them to thrive. At JT Surface repairs we have years of experience in bath surface repair and are confident in our abilities and knowledge to make your bath or basin appear as good as new.

We are able to repair and fix up not only cracks and dents in your baths or basins, but we are experienced in filling and repairing holes to restore the appearance and make them completely functional again. In some circumstances, we can restore baths and basin parts that have become completely detached providing the foundations of them remain in place. The ability we have to do this not only saves you time and hassle but our repairs are much cheaper than an entire sanitaryware replacement. As an added bonus, repairing your bath or basin instead of a whole replacement is economical and helps save the environment by reducing waste sent to landfill!

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