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When it comes to kitchen units, even the most careful owner will encounter scratches, chips, dents, blemishes, burns or staining of some sort at some point. One of our specialties at JT Surface Repair is the repair and restoration of kitchen units; including end panels, hobs and stoves, as well as kitchen cupboards including doors. The cost of maintaining the functionality and appearance of your kitchen units doesn’t have to be expensive; our service of kitchen unit repair can be significantly cheaper than a complete replacement, and we also do all of our work on-site, so you won’t have to wait for parts and equipment to be delivered and installed. It is also an economical choice, as a kitchen unit repair is not only a swift resolution to your damaged kitchen units but is more environmentally friendly as significantly less waste ends up on landfill.

Our craftsmen have plenty of experience in repairing and completely restoring kitchen units and door damage. Whether they are a Hi gloss plain flat or a satin shaker finish. At JT Surface Repair, we will work with you so that any repairs done match the specifications and appearance of your original designs.  Our craftsmen have repaired kitchen units that have been badly damaged through severe dents and holes, even if we’re working with tricky designs or a discontinued range. You can be assured that we can restore the original appearance, aesthetic and functionality of any part of a kitchen unit.

Our kitchen repair and restoration service works on all types of kitchen units, no matter the material used. So whether your kitchen units are made from wood, metal, laminate or any other alternative, why not see if we can save you both time and money by restoring your kitchen surfaces to their former appearance and glory. For an quotation, contact us today.

Kitchen Unit Door Repairs

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